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11 Things to Check When Comparing Roofing Estimates

If you’re starting to get estimates from roofing contractors for a new roof in 2023, you may get numbers that vary widely. How do you compare them to make the best choice for quality as well as price?

First, make a list of the items you want to compare, so you’re checking “apples to apples.” If some of the estimates don’t include certain categories, reach out to the contractor and have them supply all the information to you. Remember, the details of the job can make or break the performance of your roof.

We suggest you get detailed answers for these questions:

1. Did your contractor inspect your attic and discuss ventilation?

Every manufacturer has specific requirements for NFA (net free air flow) Shingles need a balanced intake and exhaust to perform and last as long as they are intended to. Most homes need some customization of applications to assure that the attic space is vented properly ensuring longevity and a mold free attic.

2. Are you getting a roof, or a roofing system?

All manufacturers make varying levels of products in terms of quality, but they all have a full system that is sold together as the best fit for your roof to perform. It is common practice to switch out components to save costs. Make sure you are getting a full system.

3. What brand of shingles will be used?

There is a wide range of shingles on the market, and some are clearly better than others. The differences are usually reflected in the price and a high-performance shingle will obviously cost more than a lower quality. This is a big part of why roofing estimates vary so widely. We use Owens Corning shingles, the highest quality product you can buy. Make sure the contractor you choose isn’t opting for a less costly alternative.

6. What components and materials will be used?

Is your contractor using quality materials and components that will give you a high-performance roof as well as upholding the requirements of the manufacturer’s warranty? Manufacturers will stipulate which of their components must be used and which can be selected locally. Make sure you know the difference.

7. Do you understand the warranty?

Yes, it is detailed and can be a little hard to wade through, but you need to review the provisions carefully. Not all warrantees are created equal. Make sure to find out what the words “limited” and “lifetime” actually mean when it comes to legalese. Most important will be to understand the difference between your manufacturer’s warranty and the actual contractor’s labor warranty.

8. Does the estimate spell out the schedule and timeline?

Make sure you get step-by-step plans of the timeline and details on what to expect.  This will keep everyone on track and informed.

9. How will the job site be managed?

Make sure you know who will be crew chief and if that person will be there every day to supervise. Make sure they will clean up each day, not just at the end of the work. And you should include in writing if you have anything outside they need to be aware of – that $5,000 lawn ornament or prize-winning garden plant, for example.

10. Does the estimate commit to End-of-Job Cleanup and Removal?

Your contractor needs to commit to clean-up and removal of everything – old shingles, pieces and parts of the new installation, nails… everything. And they need to let you know exactly when everything will be gone.

11. Is the contractor properly licensed and insured, and will they pull the necessary permits?

You might think this is elementary, but in truth, there are a lot of roofing crews out there that will skirt these requirements because, frankly, licensing and insurance are expensive.  Make sure the contractor gets the permits for you.


If you choose us for your roofing needs, you can be sure we will review the estimate, contract and warranty with you in detail and answer any questions you have. We do that because we know we offer the highest quality roof installation backed by the most complete and valuable warrantee you’ll find.

It’s a great time to repair or replace your old roof. Call us today!