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10 Signs It is Time for a Siding Replacement

Does Your Home Need a Siding Replacement?

Whether your siding is vinyl, cement board, aluminum or wood, it is important to perform regular inspections to ensure that it is still up for doing the job. When ignored, faulty siding signs can lead to costly repairs on your home’s interior. Avoid these costs by identifying and replacing compromised siding before it works its way inside your home.

The exterior of your home needs to keep the elements outside, while keeping your family comfortable and safe inside. When all of the five exterior elements of your home; roof, gutters, siding, windows and doors are doing their job, your family will be comfy and cozy inside.

However, when one of the five elements begins to deteriorate or fail, it can greatly affect things such as ceilings, walls and flooring of your home’s interior. It can also wreak havoc on your utility bills. We thought it might be helpful to share the signs that your siding is no longer up to the task of protecting your home.

10 Signs It is Time to For a Siding Replacement:

1) Rotting or Warped Siding Boards – As you walk around your home’s exterior look for any boards that are bowed or showing signs of rot. Check to see if the under layer is soft or deteriorating.

2) Cracks, Gaps or Loose Siding – Any of these factors can allow moisture to get behind the siding where it could seep into your home’s interior. If it is located to one area where high winds pried a board or two loose, you may be able to do a simple localized repair.

3) Frequent Need to Repaint – Having to frequently apply paint or stain to your siding is an indication that your siding might be failing, especially if there is severe peeling, chipping or cracking.

4) Dry Rot — Moisture fuels the fungus that causes dry rot, which is a foe to any type of wood siding. This is often happening behind the surface beyond the naked eye. Tapping a rubber mallet on the siding will often help detect dry rot.

5) Holes in Siding – Most of the time, tiny holes in the siding are caused by insects trying to get into your home. While this is a problem in and of itself, even the smallest of holes will allow moisture to get behind your siding and possibly seep into the interior walls or ceilings.

6) Bubbled or Blistered Siding – These are signs of moisture being trapped behind the siding. Excessive moisture or heat exposure can compromise siding and cause the bubbling.

7) Fungus, Mildew or Mold Growth – While small amounts of growth in shady parts of your home is usually easily treated , any growth on or near the seams might be sign that water is seeping through and being held inside the wall.

8) Severe Fading – Constructed to hold color for its lifespan, faded siding is a good sign that a its ability to protect your home has run its course.

9) Peeling Paint and Wallpaper – This is a sign that water is seeping into the home. This could be faulty siding, windows or roofing.

10) Skyrocketing Utility Bills – Higher energy bills are a sign that some part of your home’s exterior is failing. A full inspection of siding, roofing, windows and doors can help determine the culprit.

If you determine a full siding replacement is necessary, get a couple estimates from highly rated local siding contractors. Discuss the different siding options available, as well as which best meets your needs and budget.


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