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Are You Dealing With a Questionable Roofing Company?

In any industry there are honest companies looking to do the right job and working hard to create a stellar reputation in their community and there are shysters looking to work as little as possible and hoping to capitalize on a customer’s innocence.

And The Roofing Industry is one that attracts all sort of unethical or shoddy workmanship. ‘Storm Chasers’ especially are the roofing industry’s bane. That is why thoroughly vetting your roofing contractor in Delaware is paramount.

Don’t Just Take the Cheapest Bid from any Delaware Roofing Company!

When having your roof repaired or replaced, be wise and check out the roofing contractor’s reputation in Delaware and surrounding area. Be sure that they’ve been in business for a long while and that they have recommendations from real people!

Don't Just Take the Cheapest Bid!
Don’t Just Take the Cheapest Bid!

Use a Local Delaware Roofing Company

Using a roofing company that is local is a smart choice because they’ll be more familiar with the area’s codes, procedures, regulations and will get the right permits. The ‘good’ local roofing contractors in Delaware will also have the right connections to local suppliers and insurance agents, which translates into faster and better service.

Honest local roofing companies will still be around to honor their warranty, while the ‘storm-chasers’ will be long gone.

Here are 5 Possible Signs of a Questionable Roofing Company:

  1. BANKRUPTCY/DEBT – Beware when a company recently changed its name or used to be called another name. Usually companies cling to a name with a good reputation and ditch a name that is no longer trusted by suppliers or customers. Look into it—it could just be a name change due to acquisition or sale of the company, but better to be safe than sorry.
  2. STORM CHASERS – Their headquarters hasn’t had a permanent local address in the last couple years. What happens when you need your warranty serviced and they are not around?
  3. NO BBB ACCREDITATION – Better Business Bureau membership. Nominal annual dues for 3rd party mediation of complaints/accusations of business…totally worth it to a business that isn’t afraid to maintain their reputation.
  4. MISSING PROOF OF VALID LICENSE & INSURANCE. – Expired = NOT VALID! The insured company should match the company with whom you sign a contract!
  5. UNWILLING TO GIVE A WARRANTY ON NEW INSTALLATION – Not to be confused with a repair warranty. Many reputable companies will not warranty repairs on a failing or aged roof because they can tell your existing roof is approaching the end of its life, and there is nothing dishonest about that. If, however, a company does not want to provide you with assurance that their new installation job was done correctly, be wary of their work!

A roofing company that carries the owner’s name is a good choice because they often have a good reputation in the community, work hard not to tarnish the family name and are proud of their trade.

Ferris Home Improvements proudly carries the family name and works hard to keep its stellar reputation as a Newark Delaware roofing company. We are insured and back up our roof installations with a warranty. Whether it is as a Residential or Commercial Roofing Contractor, a simple shingle replacement job or shingle repair in Delaware, we are trusted throughout the community to do the right roofing job for a fair price.